Forever young

Originally posted on TwilightBeasts:
Being conscious of our own mortality has given our species an unhealthy fascination with immortality. Over the millennia we have conjured up stories of everlasting beings, some of which even allow us to follow them after we have died. This of course quenches that unnerving feeling of what is after death.…

Across the Universe.

I believe the universe is made up of tiny, little universes all rolled into one big ball of earth and water. For example, my house is a tiny universe, and so is my neighbor’s. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s sort of driving me crazy. I was smoking outside my house … More Across the Universe.

A Story.

She sits by the kitchen counter, waiting for the clock to strike 2 so she can smoke another cigarette. He sleeps on his bed peacefully, not knowing she was awake. Troubling thoughts enter her mind and she covers her ears in hopes that more won’t come. He sleeps on his bed peacefully, not hearing the … More A Story.