Forever young


Being conscious of our own mortality has given our species an unhealthy fascination with immortality. Over the millennia we have conjured up stories of everlasting beings, some of which even allow us to follow them after we have died. This of course quenches that unnerving feeling of what is after death. I am more than happy being a mortal. And here’s two reasons why.

Firstly, we live for a pretty long time as an animal. Our average life expectancy (in developing countries) is 82 years old. 82 years! That is far longer than a mammal our size. Horses can live up to 28 years. Elephants live much longer, to around 70 years. But this relatively small bipedal ape can live for an average of 82 years. We have a pretty long life. Longer than other mammals.

We only get it once, so let’s live it.

But there is something else…

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