Just to Clear My Head.

You always find new ways to hurt me.

That’s the one thing I can always count on with you.

Please don’t make me hate you.

I always write better when I’m in pain.

Stop giving me things to write about at 12:40am.

Because my heart is full of hurt and I turn on the faucets of my fingers to let it out.

My veins are rusty. The lines of my hands are cracking.

My nails are yellow and my knuckles are broken.

I am so close to giving up.

Make it up to me.

All the pain that you’ve put me through.

I put my faith in you.

Don’t make me regret it.

I always say, “people will always break you once you put your trust in them.”

Prove me wrong.

All I want is for you to try.

Try to be my friend. That’s all I want.



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