It is not you.

Remember that time you fell in love with a boy who couldn’t choose? Or that time your best friend couldn’t love you back? 

It wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t yours, either. 

At that time, it just wasn’t you.

That boy you made out with and dated for a while then left you hanging? 

It just wasn’t you.

So, now, this boy. This boy, hilarious and handsome and charming and decent; it’s too late to tell yourself not to fall in love (infatuation?) with him. 

But it’s never too late to remind yourself that he won’t choose you.

It’s not you.

It’s never you.

Someday, maybe, with the most amazing man you will ever meet.

But, right now, it’s still not you.

And deep down, you know it’s not him, too.


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